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De POA voor de verkoop van je auto in de Emiraten (gratis en voor niks!)

zondag 14 januari 2024 01:59

Vraag: #Hilda, heb je voor mij een POA om mijn auto door iemand anders te laten verkopen?

Antwoord: bij deze:
Special Power of Attorney for Cars 
Emirates ID No. 
I, the undersigned, in my capacity legally and lawfully accepted, allowing me to make declarations and enforce actions, hereby voluntarily and knowingly declare without any coercion of any kind, that I appoint and authorise the attorney mentioned below:
Emirates ID No. 
To act on my behalf and to substitute and represent me in relation to the following:
1- Purchase: the attorney has the right to purchase and register any car under my name; sign purchase contracts and finalise all processes related to the purchase before all relevant government and non-government entities.
2- Discharge of obligations: the attorney has the right to discharge any car owned by me from any pledge imposed by banks or finance institutions; submit applications and forms; sign the pre-settlements contract, its appendix, and any declarations related to the release of the pledge; pay the pledge value or agree on how to settle it, and may receive clearances and receipts.
3- Purchase financing: the attorney has the right to obtain the necessary finance for the purchase of cars in my name from banks, finance companies and institutions. He may submit applications and requests, sign finance contracts for the purpose of purchase, and agree on the purchase value, instalments, and how to settle the same. He may sign all transactions related to the financing process regarding the purchase and termination thereof.
4- Leasing: the attorney may lease my cars to ministries, departments, agencies, authorities, corporations, be federal, local or governmental, as well as to individuals, private and public companies and establishments at the value and terms he deems suitable; may sign, revoke and renew the leasing contracts and any amendments thereof, and may negotiate the terms and conditions thereof.
5- Shipping: the attorney has the right to ship my cars with whomever he deems appropriate including  individuals and private and public transport companies and establishments, and may finalise all procedures related to shipping, sign all transactions before governmental and non-governmental agencies, and pay all fees and costs related to shipping and receiving cars.
6- Driving: the attorney has the right to drive my cars inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.
7- Transfer: the attorney has the right to transfer any of my cars outside the UAE; finalise all transfer-related processes, have the relevant certificates issued from the competent authorities, and return them back to the United Arab Emirates.
8- Fees: the attorney has the right to pay the fees incurred on my cars for all governmental and non-governmental agencies, and to receive clearances and receipts related to the fees and sign thereon.
11- Fines: the attorney has the right to pay all traffic fines listed under may cars due to all governmental and non-governmental agencies, submit and sign applications, declarations and undertakings related to violations, and receive clearance from them in relation to such violations.
10- Insurance: the attorney has the right to procure insurance for my cars, whether comprehensive or third party liability from any insurance company or establishment; sign insurance contracts and appendices; redeem insurance proceeds; and finalise all related transactions.
11- Attachments: the attorney has the right to apply for lifting any attachment imposed on my cars by governmental or non-governmental agencies, pay all violations and fines resulting from the seizure and receive cars. He may sign applications, declarations and forms related to releasing the cars.
12- Renewal: the attorney has the right to renew the registration card of my cars and all documents and contracts related to my cars, and to finalise procedures related to renewal before all concerned government and non-government authorities, and to pay fees and costs related to the renewal.
13- Receipt of funds: the attorney has the right to receive all dues and amounts payable in relation to my cars whether in cash or cheques; sign receipts and finalise all related transactions before all governmental, non-governmental and semi-governmental agencies, companies, public and private companies, establishments and individuals.
14- Disbursement of receivables: the attorney has the right to disburse the cheques issued in relation to my cars from drawee banks. He may receive and disburse deposits, guarantees and securities,  submit requests and sign receipts.
15- Finalising and following up transactions: the attorney has the right to approach local and federal government and semi-government entities, individuals, companies and establishments concerned with cars; sign all application forms, contracts and declarations related to any car owned by me, and perform all procedures related to auto transactions including renewal, insurance, maintenance and repair, exit and entry of my cars through land, sea and air ports and may pay all fees, deposits and guarantees related thereto, whether during travel, shipping or return.
16- Cancellation and re-registration: the attorney may write off my cars, carry out all procedures related to the write-off, sign all requests, forms and declarations, and finalise all processes before competent government and non-government agencies to write off my cars. The attorney also has the right to re-register my cars with any government and non-government agencies concerned with registering cars.
17- Car plate number: the attorney has the right to book and renew a plate number, pay fees, sign application forms and declarations related to booking and the same.
18- Delegation of powers: the attorney has the right to appoint and dismiss others and lawyers, in all or some of the above powers, and may produce photocopies or true copies of the car-related documents.
19- Validity of Power of Attorney: this power of attorney is valid until
From the date of notarisation, unless earlier revoked for any other reason. 
Principal’s signature 

Signature            Name