Dutch Lawyer in de UAE

Je Nederlandstalige antwoord op al jouw UAE-vragen.

Trouwen voor the Court in Abu Dhabi, en wonen in Nederland en willen scheiden.

maandag 8 mei 2023 13:00

Vraag: #Hilda, als je getrouwd bent voor de Abu Dhabi courts, niet op huwelijkse voorwaarden,  en er is geen rechtskeuze gemaakt, en je aanstaande ex is  terug gegaan naar de Filippijnen, haar land van herkomst, en je woont zelf als Nederlander in de UAE, kun je dan wel scheiden in de UAE? 
Antwoord: ja, dat kan, als je aan de volgende voorwaarden voldoet; 
The Territorial Jurisdiction of the Court
The court shall be competent to hear cases related to civil family issues of the persons covered by the provisions of this law, when they have a domicile, residence, or current or former place of work in the emirate, or if the money in dispute is in the state.

The court’s inherent jurisdiction

The court’s inherent jurisdiction is also maintained if the defendant is a foreigner who has no domicile, residence or place of business in the Emirate, or if he does not have a known domicile or place of residence abroad, in the following cases:
  1. Disputes related to civil marriage contracts concluded in the Emirate.
  2. Civil divorce cases and its effects when the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is the place of residence, place of work, or domicile of either of the spouses.
  3. If the defendant has a chosen domicile in the emirate.
  4. If the lawsuit is related to funds in the Emirate or the execution of an inheritance, legacy or will registered therein.
  5. If the wife is the applicant and she has a domicile, workplace or residence in the emirate.
  6. Whereas the case is related to alimony or financial rights arising from divorce, if the party seeking the alimony, the wife or the minor has a domicile in the emirate.
  7. If the applicant has a domicile, residence or place of work in the emirate, if the defendant has no known domicile abroad, or if the domestic law is applicable to the suit.
  8. If one of the defendants has a domicile, place of residence or place of work in the emirate.
The court shall rule on its own that it lacks jurisdiction if it becomes clear that it does not have jurisdiction to hear the case in accordance with the previous articles.